July - national lost pet prevention month

Per the American Humane Society, more than 10 million pets are lost in the US every year. That is a pet every 2 seconds! One in three pets will be lost during its lifetime. The best chance of getting your pet back? Having them microchipped!

Most pets go missing in July, not only because of fireworks but because it's the start of summer vacation for most people.

Here are some in-depth resources, tools and strategies for preventing a lost pet, as well as help getting them back:

1. Microchip your pet - it's a one-time simple thing you can do at a low cost. Make sure you update your address and phone number if you move! Your vet can implant a microchip. Some times there are local area clinics that offer them at a reduced cost as well!

2. Look for them - Walk around, call out their name. Bring a bag of treats and shake them. Go door to door and ask your neighbors to keep an eye out.

3. Call local animal shelters - Chances are, someone else found them and picked up them and they are waiting for you!

4. Post on social media - Always post on social media and have friends/family/groups share your lost pet info. Be sure to include your contact info, location was last seen as well as up to date photos.

5. Make flyers - Put them up in your neighborhood and the local area. Most businesses won't mind if you ask first. You can find pre-made templates online to make it easier!

6. Put out an article with your smell - Use a blanket or a shirt with your smell on it, lay it outside of your residence.

7. Leave out food/water - Some times, pets can find their way back. Leave out a small dish of food and water in case they do!

8. Get your pet a GPS tracker - Technology has come so far! Invest in a pet GPS tracker to make it easier to locate your lost friend! There are many out there to choose from.

9. Collar & ID Tag - Simple and straight to the point. Always have a collar on your pet with easily identifiable information on an ID tag.

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  • Jul 29, 2019
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